Black power Salute
from the Twa.

      This is the time for black men and women to make their distinct contribution to this civilization and let history record it truthfully. We are made to believe that there is no use trying and nothing can be done through the teachings we receive. You can only impress this world by only demonstrating to it the seriousness of your intention. (Marcus Mosiah Garvey).
       The western civilization is the process of molding the world in her image. If you surrender your personality, you have nothing left to give the world. Giving  up your personality would be to give up the peculiar work and peculiar glory to which we are called. The European blunder is believing that the Negro is the European in the under developed stages. (Wilmot Edward Blyden).

The Continued Distortion Of African History (World History)

The Psychological Factor
     Africa with a hidden history is demoralizing for Africans. History is a clock, that helps a people to find them selves on the human map of geography. It is a clock that tells a people where they have been, what they have done, what they have to do and where they still must go. History is a clock which helps us understand not the digits and direction of the hour but what is behind the direction and the digits of the hour. On the African continent, the west has excelled in demonizing African History first in the minds of the westerners and then in the minds of our brothers and sisters. It is a sad fact that the professionalizing of this study is one of the windows through which this disastrous scheme is exercised. A lot of Africans go to school with the hope of finding knowledge of their past.
      However, it is an alien race that tells the story of the native and the lives of the natives become a story told. The professionals who have straddled through the walls and windows of the schism are over looked with knowledge passing it to an audience which does not deserve it. This kind of African History elite class has turned this revolutionary message into a one man’s show.
      in a holistic examination of mental slavery, it can be revealed that natural resources of the continent possess Christian names, of the British Royals. Our own traditional names have now become our secondary names, when we adopt foreign religions. Take for example, Lake Kahembe (Lake George), Lake Kakirakira (Edward), Lake Mwitangike (lake Albert), Lake Nalubaale (Victoria).
      Without undermining the moral derives behind religion it is very important in our course to understand the psychological dangers that foreign religions pose. first we have seen how they undermine our traditional names! It is stated that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom however, which God should be feared to be wise? In Africa today, if one stated that they do not believe in the holy book the rebound question is always, so do you believe in God? Don’t you want to be wise? The west having worked hard to create such a shallow mindset. Today many people in Africa are misled to think that before the holy books every African was going to hell. this mindset created the environment where history was replaced with religious education in Lower Levels of Education.

What does religious education do in distorting world history?

It destroys the divine spark and innovation skills amongst the Africans. The evolutionary story of Adam and Eve to say, creates a new shallow mindset and underpins the spark in the glory and the beauty of African history, giving birth to such beliefs that before the bible, every African was going to hell and a devil worshiper. The same books also go ahead to plagiarize the Gods of Kemet, the true Gods of this world. Such an atmosphere kills the range of understanding African history as it kills the African mind. As a matter of fact, all religion was built on such principles that prohibit free thought.

The Curse of The Elite 

      Recently in Uganda, there has been debates about deleting religious education from the curriculum, but all in vain. And this is simply because all the decision makers, (MPs), were members of either religions in discussion. It should be remembered that it was  the colonialists who replaced history with religious education. This sort of religious education continues to take up the role of history, (in simple terms, blocking the divine will. Some traditional leaders find them selves born out of Christian families and sadly they end up pursuing foreign interests. it is stupidly a normal belief that majority of the people on the African continent are not religious in the sense of foreign religion. The westerners call us pagans, simply because they can not over stand that our faith is beyond their books. We are the cornerstones of Africa history because we have resisted foreign philosophies without a clue about what we are ignoring. So now it can be seen that majority of the Africans are willing to keep their faith in their God and throw away the gods in ink, (the blue eyed ones). In that light it is just so instinctive that our ancestors were wise men who gave this planet all the civilization it can claim today. Yes it shows, We don’t even have to open the books now. We just have to reveal it.
     That is why we try to seek for the history before these holy books. We resisted then and we shall resist now. It is in the schools, cities, mosques, churches and parliaments and even the higher learning institutions who have burdened the task of promoting this distortion. The majority remain loyal to their customs and historical beliefs. The only thing missing is a well organized movement with the cause of our ancestors, Ubuntu (African Unity).

Baby History

     The other tool that has fueled the distortion of world history is baby history. This plague affects the minds of the Africans as it only carries the days of slavery, the days of oppression, imperialism, the de-humanization of African people for a period we can argue to about 600 years now. It only crates fear and a misconception that African people were born slaves. The miss educated Africans now take on the spreading the fear, teaching the alien philosophy as the only one that civilized the so called (born slaves). This is by far “The Worst,” NOT one of “The Worst” crimes against humanity this world has ever seen! We agree that it is a part of our history we have to present, however, it is also important to explore the history of greatness of our fore fathers, not in the interest of the system. And that is why we really need to delete religious education off our curriculum, not debate about deleting it. Baby history is what has helped the foreigners stand strong in violence.      
      This history is what they use to alter the dark ages of the snow people and refer to them as the black ages of the people of the sun, creating the mindset that Africans were born slaves. If we are to intellectually study the antiquities of the aliens, and those of the children of the sun then we must greatly take into account the cradles that had separated these two races before they came into contact once again, on the Mediterranean border. We shall the be able to reveal the truth of the light of this world. In the same arena, the solution picture portrayed is that survival of Africans lies on teachings from the west. Say to study their game and beat them at their game! This kind of thinking has affected the African elite that he admires westerners more than he admires himself. He has turned himself into a messenger of western interests. he has simulated how to live without a history and individualism is the order of the day in his way.
      However the majority, who we call the cornerstone are the great thinkers who are thirsty for a history library. They have lived climbing a mountain before seeing one climb it. If the Library shows them people who reached the top, they will run for the top. for they know and share the instincts of our ancestors. Then they shall resist and choose to live in Jah love. Their eyes show it all that they are pleading for literary evidence to be apostles of truism. We have been victims of this poor quality slave education without a justified history in all the fields of its study. The majority are sick and tired of the alien ideas and want to be in a vehicle heading to an African philosophy of Ubuntu.

The Plague of Brain Drain

      Many youths in Africa fail to find their pride in labor. They turn to being job seekers after their education. Many who fail to attend school and learn the slave education to serve the slavery administration find them selves not satisfied with the wages of labor their mother countries. They turn to seeking for a place where they can find some pride in their labor. This leaves them seeking for all the possible ways to vacate the continent and go work in western countries creating a new brand of slaves and brain. Let us not forget the large numbers of the strongest breeds of the African blood that were kidnapped and thrown all over the world to work as slaves close to none humans, possibly because they could take a mere breath but nothing else had them qualified to be humans.
      Youths who go through this kind of stress end up finding history boring simply because they grow up learning a history of betrayal by their kings and they later have distrust in their traditional leaders. They end up not trusting their leaders claiming they led them to the situation they suffer currently and still they can trust the western, but rely on western teachings and labor so they will hail the aliens. NOT even their own selves. This kind of atmosphere has turned true stories into folklores and jokes. This leaves the youths with no particular topic relevant to their own history to include in their discourse.
      A new wave of Neo Colonialism with its foundation in fear, that is the lack of iodinated organization, creating t he atmosphere where difference in opinion is making Africans delay unity.

The Media Production industry in Africa.

     The large  growth in the Media industry, the large exponential increase in the number of radio and TV stations on the continent today plays the biggest role in mental slavery today. You just don’t have room to think freely. Every thing to keep your head busy with ignorance is there on TV. Just turn on cable news and your brains will explode with all the hottest stories they are dropping. Nothing to tell you about the glory of your own past, but about that of the aliens. Through these fields propaganda is spread and with Africa, the enemies of progress have trained our own people in a mission of brain washing our own. This makes it important to understand that it is only through spreading the message of our past that our brothers and sisters will be able to scrutinize the news and pick out only what they find morally right.
Having endured the entire course education from elementary to University in Africa and have still failed to graduate after four years because of disagreement with sacrifices of self knowledge that we are required to make to excel in this system. the call for education by politicians lacks the quality education relevant to the goals and the aspirations of the Africans. Realization that this education is and has always been the tool for spiritual and psychological enslavement of the people, yet it continues to be the slogan of the elite who continue to benefit, has failed. This consequently drives the whole question away from having a better quality education that justifies truth and not myths. 
We believe that a history library can be the source and centre of correcting these mistakes in the social discourses and the professional discourses. It is through the library that justified history shall manifest.
Our course is to invoke African history in the minds of the youth, elders and the children of this century. For without a proper understanding of our past and glory and misery we remain slaves with chains on our minds now and not our hands. If we do not know our history, we are the victims of today. The democracy behind this proposal is that the truth is a human right.  African history is the hidden factor that will bring solidarity in the human race. The cry as we stretch fourth our palm is for conscious knowledge of our past. We seek for a History library at the mouth of the Nile to revive civilization once again from where it began. A history library will enhance the capacity of the community development organization and make it function more effectively by promoting community resident participation and engagement on issues concerning history with both feet on the ground rather than having both feet firm in air.