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And, we can not separate folklores from facts. Too many times we swear by folklores not knowing that it has nothing to do with facts. Who exactly is a Jew? There was no word called Jew in the ancient world. The word Jew did not come out of Africa, it did not come out of western Asia. It is a European word. There are people of the Hebrew faith all over the world. There are black Hebrews, there are brown Hebrews, there are yellow Hebrews. How is it that a bunch of Europeans called Jews dominate the word Jew to the extent of making you think that the very faith, Hebrew is exclusive to them, leaving out all other people?  We become prisoners to circumstances in history, and we still react to this conquest of the mind. In slavery, we wanted to associate ourselves with people who had escaped from something. So we read a Jewish escape story called The Exodus, and we believed it without examining the story. Because if you examine the story you will find that the story is told to instill faith in a people. And sometimes if a story is told to instill faith and truth, the illustration used to get the final cause need not be true. How can 600,000 people cross the Nile? Cows, children, sheep, goats and on the other side the Nile just dried up, to less than muddy, (because they didn’t even get their feet muddy)? You can do it with imagination but in fact you can not do it. Western Asian people copied Nile Valley folk stories, personified themselves into the story and sold you, (African people); your own story and you bought it! 

Now let’s go back and deal with where they copied the story from.  There is a three volume work by the University of Chicago on Egyptian literature. And there is a story in the three volumes dealing with a Pharaoh who got somewhat despondent and his magician decides to take him rolling on the Nile. And to make him happier, the boat would be roared by beautiful ladies. The lead lady stops roaring and starts crying and the Pharaoh was very much concerned at what had happened. He asks the lead what happened and she said she had dropped her necklace in the Nile. The Pharaoh told the magician to take care of it. At this time in history, all kings or Pharaohs chaired with a magician. Instead of you and I having a fight, we would have a contest between our respective magicians. So this magician parted the water and dried up the Nile, stepped out and picked out the lady’s necklace and gave it back to the lady and then the water gets back and the boats gets roaring again and that’s where the Jews copied the story. 

What I’m saying is that at this period in history, there was no such thing as a Jew. There were western Asian people who later joined the Hebrew faith. There was an extensive series on the history of the Jews. They gave them an artificial history, before Babylonia but they had no clear history before their entry into Africa as visitors seeking food and shelter. There in Africa, they sought and found food and shelter. They entered Africa with no clear language, no clear religion, and clear culture. They came seventy in number and left six hundred thousand in number. They had a culture, a language and a religion when they left, all taken from Africa. They were not Hebrews when they got there but they were Hebrews when they left.

Now you join the religion as though you have got to seek their permission, because the European Jews of the faith gave you the illusion that every thing must be dispended to you, (the African) because you invented nothing and you have achieved nothing, and there in the Nile Valley, the real valleys of Africa, you had set in motion the social thought of what would be the foundation of what you know as western civilization. Yet you have forgotten how to claim it.

These visitors came into Africa in 1700 B.C., led by their patron father Abraham. In 1675, Africa was invaded through western Asia. Instead of taking the side of the Africans, they took the side of the invader. But while under the invaders, the collaborators and clerks and betrayers of their African friends they produced the world’s politician called Joseph the provider. The Africans came back to power and said, “Those who now wish to obey African rule may stay and the rest will have to go.” The African King came to power and that is the King who knew Nile Joseph, the King who owed the Jews no favor and the politician Joseph did not have any power around the throne because the throne was now an African throne. And it was after their contact with us that they entered human history. They have never been our friends when we needed them. The concept of a historical alliance between African people and people called Jews is a lot in a myth and a misconception. They over played every event in history when they came in contact with us. 

After this period, we have to deal with it now because we are not dealing with, because there are no Jews at this point in history. There is no Europe at this point in history. We are talking about the Western Asian people. At this point what you call the Middle East, that I call Western Asia, was Northwest Africa. This is documented I a book called “When Egypt Ruled the East. All of those Mediterranean Mulaterals and Indo-Europeans, who were shipped out to this area later, weren’t there at this time in history. We are not arguing about the color of that vast number of people because the only semi-European people and they were mixed were the Romans and the Greeks. We are not arguing about the color of Christ, I don’t argue his blackness, I argue his Europeaness! His non whiteness. There is no possibility that he could have been white.
When we look at what we are talking about in the change of the world, let’s look at this event in history and the reaction to it. Is it incidental that while he carried the cross up the hills, with twelve disciples, none of them stepped forward to help him with the cross?  Who came forward, An Ethiopian, Simon of Sardinia? Could this have been a brother helping a brother? Otherwise why did no body else help him take that cross up the hill? I’m trying to show you where we related to the humanity of all people, but all people have not related to our humanity. We have been the true believers. 

After the Romans destroyed the last temple of the Hebrew faith, 70 A.D., now you’ve got to watch it. You’ve got to study the migration patterns of the world. Where did those western Asian people go? There is no migration pattern that took them to Europe. A migration pattern that too many of them into inner West Africa is evident though. For a large number of people of the Hebrew faith lived in ancient Ghana and lived in peace until 770 A.D. when they tried to collaborate with the Arabs to takeover the country and the Africans expelled them from the country. We have illusions about people. I would not be surprised when the day would come when I see the Jews and Arabs in the same political bed against the African people. Competent historians do the same thing to prove their cases as competent lawyers, they cite precedence. They point why it has already happened. There has already been a relationship between Africans and Jews and Arabs in Spain but 800 years when the African was the military arm that held Spain in the Mediterranean. And when they lost the power, the Arabs and the Jews came together against the Africans and began to enslave them. The Jews went to Holland and found the Dutch-East India and the Dutch-West India and subsequently they found South Africa.

The same thing is happening in Detroit right now where there is a large Arab population and a Jewish population. The same thing is happening in Georgia where they are pushing the blacks out those Islands in Georgia to build condors. Jews’ and Arabs’ money together against blacks. My point is that these two people allegedly Semitic, neither one happened to be our friend.

As the population calling themselves Hebrews flourished in North Africa and in Western Asia (and this continued in the population in Africa), until the twelfth century in Europe, most of these Europeans were Christians in other European denominations. There was a fierce fight between the Arabs and the Christians. One group would not want belong to either one, sought in option, and the option and the option was the Hebrew faith. So what you are calling Jews are Europeans of the Hebrew faith. Many times they live in communities of their choice. They did send kinds of work that other Europeans did not want to do and became so good at it, they dominated it, portable wealth, gold, jewelry. And because they became so small things called jewelry, out of which came the word “Jew,” a European word that has nothing to do with origins in western Asia or northern Africa, when they were just Western Asian people of the Hebrew faith. You find large numbers of people of the Hebrew faith in India; you find some in China, and some in the south Sea Island. But the European tries to dominate every thing he is a part of. And nothing came from the European mind that did not have as its intention the facilitation of the European domination of t he world. This is the accentual mission of every European whether he is a capitalist, or a communist, or a Christian, or a Roman.

Their crisis now is that they are realizing that the Africans and the Asians and the people of the South Sea Island keep on having increased birth rate and they keep on going to bed and not bringing it off but on. And soon there is not only going to be a minority but a tiny minority. They can not say that Africa or Asia has their intention of conquering Europe because neither one of them wants a third out of ice bergs that are agriculturally dying and politically dead. So the greatest punishment we can inflict on them is to leave them in their misery. Because of difference of opinion on religion and finance, the people in Europe of the Hebrew faith in their various branches became good at say bargaining things, money lending, fabric design and fabric manufacturing, theatre management, department store management and in Germany where they had department stores they had the fabrics, they had communication and they were literary asked to yield some thing. When didn’t, a mad man said, “I’ll take everything.” 

I have no problem condemning Adolf Hitler’s murders, but this was a European problem in Europe started by Europeans. In the 1880s, a lot of people of the Hebrew faith had the illusion that they were just like other Europeans, that they were integrated. And once they had their behinds kicked and were excluded out of things, they began to have the idea of having a state of their own. They didn’t exactly know what a state would be bur they drew the idea of a state from mythology because they never had a state. Their homeland of the European Jew is Europe. They can go back into folklore and mythology and tell you about a god named Yahweh, who told them to leave and go to their homeland in Palestine. But who told you that God was ever in a real estate building? And who told their god that Palestine was un-occupied? (Occupying land that is already occupied, throwing away some one).

The rock stars occupied the place of Napoleon. He offered them Palestine and they coughed at it. (Who wants that sea of sand)? They didn’t want it then. They were doing alright in Europe, in the banking industry, the theatre industry. When things began to pinch them, they began to reconsider. They considered Brazil once in space big enough to call a home land. Look at Palestine; it’s a door that swings three ways. It’s at the back door of Europe, the side door of western Asia and the front door of Africa. Strategically it is well located. It never belonged to any European people and it didn’t belong to the Arabs either. It was an African country. The Arabs only got there at about 1600 A.D.

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  1. There is so much black people don't know. It's difficult to obtain the knowledge that has been distorted and retold. But if we are, as black people, ever to reconnect with the true Almighty once again, we must earnestly, continuously search for the truth!