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What you are going to have here is a scholastic breakdown and the historicity of what you good Christians out there have been worshiping. It is time to logistically put aside, to scholastically put aside this foul score Christianity. It is time to delete our consciousness atmosphere of its presence. Phill Valentines brings to you the Vampires of Consciousness, (the true historicity of The Church of Saturn), Christianity. There is no church of Saturn outside of Christianity. All religion encompasses the church of Saturn.
First of all it is essential that we over stand the nature of a vampire. (1). It is a parasite by nature, (2). It feeds on the healthy, the innocent and the unsuspecting, (3). It appears beautiful, mysterious, alluring and powerful. (4). It sucks on the life stream of the host, depleting the life of the host until the host no longer knows who he or she is, (5). It affects and infects the host with a “virus”, until the host becomes one with the body of his redeemer, one with the consciousness of the vampire. (6). The host loses his sense of self, no longer perceiving the world in reality from a knowledge of self but from a perception or knowledge given to him by the vampire. That is where the name comes to “The Vampires of Consciousness.”
Christianity is crack for the mind and soul, religion is the crack pipe. It lives in ignorance. Ignorance is the mother of devotion. That which you are ignorant of, you worship, because you have no knowledge of what you worship. You believe in things you don’t understand, and that’s why you suffer.
Some of the books were banned, rejected or deleted by the Roman Christian church as aparcrophor. For example a book written by Paul about a story told by a prisoner who was in the Spanish inquisition (The Pit and The Pengellum). The word aparcrophor means, uninspired. Uninspired simply means that, “ok, this one can get through without telling too much.” For any Christians out there, (yes I know there are many of them), regardless of what branch you claim – Catholics are your father and your mother. It doesn’t matter what Christianity you worship, it doesn’t matter what bible you use. You are still using the text that came out of the Roman church under Constantine and the council of Naissia. You are a branch on the same tree with the same roots.
Among the books that were deleted includes, The Gospel of Thomas and Nickodemus, The Proto Evangelum of James, The Gospel of the Nativity of Mary, The History of Joseph the Carpenter, The Gospel of the Childhood of the Redeemer, The Gospel according to the Egyptians, The Gospel of Bartholomew, The Gospel of Judas Escariot, The Gospel of the Recollections of Peter, The Gospel of Adam and Eve, The Gospel of Barnabas, The Gospel of Barabbas, The Book of the Nazarenes, The Gospels of The Revelations of Peter, the Gospels of The Shepherd of Harmas, The first Apostle of Clement, The second Apostle of Clement, The Apostle to Barnabas, The Gospel of Tacians, The Gospel of The Assyians, The revelation of Elias, The Book of Clementius, The Gospels of Serak, the Book of Abudazura, The Gospel of Enoch,   and The Gospel of the infancy of Jesus the Christ.
On the crossroads of the ball kings, near a city called Naissus, an illegitimate child was born in 274 A.D. to a rural barmaid who flirted freely with a roman officer. The boy was named Constantine. He was born in the in. This boy was ambitious. He joined the Roman military and quickly climbed up to the ranks of soldiery in the east, on the banks of the Danube River for bravery in the battle. On that Danube River, he was given a tribune. He rose to become a Caesar. Across the bridge from Rome, were Maxtantius, and his army 200,000 strong and ready to face off with Constantine for the throne of Caesar. You have got to remember that at the time of Constantine, Rome was about to go into the toilet and at that time there was about five or six other thugs vying for the throne of Caesar. It must be remembered that before all this, in the second century, the Roman Empire had ceased to expand. In the third century, it crushed to pieces. Early in the forth century when Roman civilization was in the last stage of its own decline, there were six imperial thugs fighting for the throne of Caesar and Constantine was one of them. But Constantine had one advantage, the one hook that he used to gain the upper hand. He discovered that the Christians, at the time, would fight for an Emperor who favored their religion. They held strategic positions secretly both within and without the society. So he struck a bargain with the Christian Bishops, reaped his reward in victory over his rivals, and for this success he made Christianity the religion of the Empire and suppressed all other existing systems. It was not the gospel Jesus who established Christianity, but the Roman Emperor Constantine and it was Usibius of Sezzaria who finished the job of writing his fraudulent history of Christianity.
The Roman and Greek scholars of that time, mocked and dismissed this baby Jesus nonsense, the nemenja, and for that they paid with their lives. In the forth century Christianity rose to triumph. The victory was won, but not with Christian teachings. It was won by bloody swords and religious wars that continued to disembowel Europe for the next 1600 years. These wars in Europe have not ceased, look at Bosnia today. The Christian ministers of Rome there after were treated as kings, because of Constantine. Valuable gifts were given to the church, and Constantine gave the palace of the Lutherans to Silvestre, Bishop of Rome. This palace was once the estate of Fausta, the wife of Constantine. Then began the systematic murder of these initiates, of the ancient mystery system, who refused to accept the new faith. 
Laws were instituted forbidding any other forms of worship in Rome. Churches were ordered built, and temples to the mysteries (which were actually schools at that time), at the command of Constantine. In his work, “The First Council of Nayissia (P. 19),” Arthur Dudley writes; “In all his orders respecting the church of Saturn, he, (Constantine), acted like an ancient Pope. Heresies were cursed and condemned and Heretics deprived of their rights of holdings and their houses of prayer were taken and bestowed on the Catholic Church. Their books were ordered sought after and destroyed.” All persecution by the church of Christianity written on the pages of ecclesiastical history began with Constantine, and extends to the present day. The Christian, (Constantine), emperor was the first to forbid free thought.

In a group of writings called the Hibert lectures, a man named Renan translates, “We search in vain through the collection of Roman laws before Constantine for any enactment aimed at free thought, or in the history of the emperors for the execution of the abstract doctrines. Men whom the Middle Ages would have burned such as Galen, Lucian, Plotinus, all lived in peace protected by law.
At this point when we take a peep back into prehistory, the light of the world, (Cam/Egypt), had already been shining. Before Christianity in Rome, Rome was worshiping Isis, Rome was worshiping Krishna, (All black gods), and there were black emperors that they never tell you about. Septimus Severus was black. Constantine committed so many atrocities including the murder of Maximian, his wife’s father, Basimius, his sister’s husband, Lecinius, his nephew, Crispus, his own son, Fausta, his wife, whom he suffocated in a boiling hot bath. She was his wife of 20 years; she bore him three sons, his own mother whom he strangled with his bear hands. For all of this, the suppressing of free thought, the destroying of ancient mysteries, the murder of all of his closest friends and leading the church to victory over his enemies, he was canonized, “The Saint.” After his death, says Usibius, ephagies of this blessed man were engraved on Roman coins, sitting in and driving a chariot, with a hand reaching down from heaven to take him up. (This is from a book called “The life of Constantine,”) by Schlegel.
Such is the legacy of Christianity. A religion based on bloodshed, fraud, lies. A religion founded by greedy fools and confirmed by an assassin, Constantine. The atrocities of Constantine were also felt by his Theo- political rivals, whom he bled to death and caused countless to die in crusades to defend the faith. In a book titled the Decline and fall of the Roman Empire, by Gibbon the Historian says, “The church of Rome defended by violence, the empire which it had acquired by fraud. The following are direct quotes from Christianity’s founding fathers which depict the type of theological ethics practiced them in drafting the books that would be later used as the vilely inspired of God. It appears that the lying, forgeries, and fraud of the Christian founding fathers continue in Christianity today. T. W. Dwayne writes in a book called Bible Myths P. 434, “it was a common practice among the early Christian fathers and saints to lie and deceive if their lies and their deceits helped the cause of their Christ.

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